Reflecting on White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

Reflecting on White Rabbit, Red Rabbit
Waiting for the show to start…

Now that White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is over, I can reflect a bit on the process.  I’m not going to write about the content of the show (other than the fact that it’s brilliant), because that would totally spoil the point of it.  But I can talk a little bit about my experience.

I went through a multitude of feelings throughout the “process” of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

Honoured to be asked to participate.

Nervous not to know what the hell I’d gotten myself into.

Falsely confident when talking to others about the concept.

Conflicted as to whether I should “cheat” and research the show beforehand. (FYI, I did not cheat!)

Excited to promote the show on Twitter, Facebook, the London Free Press and this blog.

Absolutely terrified the day of the show.

Anxious that I would be asked to do something horrible… and then even more anxious waiting for the audience to come in.

Amused that my mom turned out to be the person introducing me!

Embarrassed that I couldn’t get the envelope opened nicely and ending up ripping it open.

Relieved to be able to actually perform it well.

Happy that I was able to entertain my audience and make them laugh at appropriate times!

And by the end of the show… exhilarated with the performance and wishing I could do it again!

If you ever get the opportunity to perform this show… DO IT.
If you ever get the opportunity to see this show performed… GO SEE IT.

Trust me. Trust the unknown!

It was a great experience — it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I feel like I could definitely do a solo show of my own someday… perhaps at a Fringe festival in the future?

Many thanks to Peter Janes, for giving me this fantastic opportunity, and thanks as well to all the people who gave me words of encouragement before the big day!

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