April is off to a fast start!

I just got home from a crazy busy day of theatre.  April is certainly shaping up to be a busy month, and I’m super excited about it!

Today started as usual working in the OKTC office, where we’re gearing up for the production of Dear Edwina Jr. — training show staff on wireless microphones, editing the program, getting ready for tech rehearsal.  Since it was April Fool’s Day today, the following photo I created went up on the OKTC Facebook and Instagram to promote the show:

April is off to a fast start!
Grumpy Cat — the new co-star of Dear Edwina Jr.!

So silly, but lots of fun!

It seems like just yesterday we finished the run of Disney’s Peter Pan Jr. — but time marches on!  Today was the first day of rehearsals for Through the Looking Glass!  We have a small cast — only 18 kids — and I’m always nervous before a first rehearsal.  There are auditions to watch, names to be learned, ideas to be formulated.  But today’s rehearsal went extremely well!  Every single cast member was well prepared for their auditions, and everyone volunteered to go up!  Generally I have a few actors volunteer and the rest have to be “volunTOLD” and called up — but these TTLG actors were totally on the ball!  Awesome!

After TTLG, I had to hightail it to my second rehearsal of the evening, for Mrs. Ballyshannon’s School for Orphaned and Afflicted Girls Presents Jane Eyre.  It has been fun working with this group of actors, and I’m really enjoying the show.  It’s weird and wonderful, and my character, Vilette, is quite a challenge.  I’m enjoying discovering more about her every rehearsal.

I’m looking forward to seeing Gypsy at the Palace Theatre on Saturday night with my mom, and who knows what else I’ll squash into my schedule this month!  It’s going to be busy, but I certainly won’t be bored!

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