“Hishon shines in the latter part of the production [of Macbeth]. As she steels her resolve to return to Scotland and help Malcolm return to the throne, we feel her passion and anger – emotions fuelled by sorrow. And during the fight scenes, for which she was the fight director, we see her talents shine though.”
— Jason Menard, Donald’s Dish

“Bravo last night! Hermia and Helena were epic in all their glorious shortness.”
— Celina Marlatt (@yogawindhorse)

“Kerry Hishon, playing stage manager Vilette, nicely balances a type-A personality with the impotence forced upon her by her superior; one wonders if Vilette’s stutter may have become worse during her tenure at Mrs. Ballyshannon’s.”
— Peter Janes, Theatre in London

“Whether it was the direction by Heather May, the play polishing by James Wybrow, or the comedic acting talents of James Roberts, Kerry Hishon, John Garlicki and Kelsea Meredith, the laughs just don’t stop in Duel Love… this production has it all – funny dialogue, perfectly delivered, physical comedy, visual jokes with the audience, and a horse with attitude.”
Jamie-Lee Wilson

“Best theatre blog anywhere ever.”
Art Fidler

[They Fight!] recreates and reimagines scenes from… fight scenes culled from more modern sources, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with a bang-on Buffy and Faith duo)…”
— Jay Menard, Beat Magazine

“A shout out to Kerry Hishon who’s stage fighting stylings coordinated an ah-maazing bitch slap!”
— Tia Grace,

“Director Kerry Hishon, relatively new to the OKTC team, last directed Annie Warbucks The Musical which was a gem in the fall lineup and was paired with Annie at Christmas. Annie Warbucks was her directorial debut with OKTC and it was a stunning debut. Hishon is quite an asset to the team of directors guiding the kids’ theatre group. She seems to have a knack for pulling good performances out of her cast, but she is particularly good at managing to draw talent out of the younger actors. Hishon also is very adept at staging fight scenes. With two really different, but well done productions under her belt for OKTC it will be interesting to see what she directs next season.”
London Community News

“Kerry Hishon as Sabine is wonderfully feisty and charming – the stage lights up every time she is on it.”
— Susan Scott, Beat Magazine

“Goddamn that Kerry Hishon knows what she’s talking about.”
Kaitlyn Rietdyk

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