The Queen of pulling faces reigns supreme!

The Queen of pulling faces reigns supreme!

Photo Credit: Peter Janes

Yup, there I am.  Doing what I do best — pulling faces.

It’s been a bit of radio silence around here for the last week, as I’ve been up to my eyeballs with last minute Peter Pan Jr. rehearsals, including tech rehearsal last night and dress rehearsal tonight (not to mention an impromptu dinner out after rehearsal with the stage management team, some of the actors and some of the costume team!).

But check it out — here I am in the London Free Press, promoting White Rabbit Red Rabbit!  I’m even described in the quote as “Actor/director Kerry Hishon”!

From the article:

Think of it as the theatre equivalent of tightrope walking — but with no balance pole, no net to catch your fall and the eyes of the world focused on you.

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, a play by Iranian Nassim Soleimanpour, requires only actors with no rehearsals, no advance reading of the script, no director and no set.

That’s what Leap of Fate Theatre, in association with Aurora Nova Productions, is bringing to London’s arts incubator, The ARTS Project, Friday and continuing until March 29.

It will feature a selection of London’s finest acting talent including Eva Blahut, Jeff Culbert, Mikaela Dyke, Dan Ebbs, Sarah Green, Kerry Hishon, Adam Holowitz, Justin Peter Quesnelle, Francesca Ranalli, Matthew J. Stewart, Deighton Thomas and Jeff Werkmeister.

“I read a review about this show a few years ago and I thought it sounded fantastic,” said producer Peter Janes.

“It’s funny, it’s dark and has a little bit of everything, the kind of thing I’d like to write one day.”

Actor/director/playwright Jeff Culbert is first up for opening night.

A different actor is tapped to perform each show, the only other information they receive is “be prepared to imitate an ostrich.” Otherwise, they’re on their own in front of a live audience with script in hand.

“They really have no idea what’s going to happen,” said James.

“The audiences are going to get something completely different every night, not just because it’s a different actor each night, but a different audience.”

Pretty cool, eh?

Get your tickets now! $20 regular, $18 students, available at the box office, by calling 519-642-2767, or online at  And if you want to see more than one performer, if you bring back your first ticket stub, you can see additional performances for only $5!  It’s a great deal!

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