She Kills Monsters in the London Free Press!

Hello everyone! Original Kids Theatre Company’s She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers’ Edition is featured in the London Free Press today! I choreographed all the fights and have been working on this show since September. It’s been very busy but these young actors are doing an amazing job.

She Kills Monsters in the London Free Press!

Check out the full article here:

If you want to check out the show, there are 5 shows left. Click here to buy tickets!

Photo Credit: Mike Hensen for the London Free Press


The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

It’s time! The Big Bad Musical opens tomorrow at 2 pm and I cannot wait! This is a ridiculously silly show and it has been a blast to direct. The actors are ready — all they need is an audience. I hope that’ll be YOU!

Feast your eyes on some gorgeous photos of my awesome cast from dress rehearsal!

The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

What is more gripping than a courtroom battle live on stage – especially when song and dance breaks out? No courtroom has ever been more lively and fun than in The Big Bad Musical! The jury must decide the outcome of the biggest trial ever in the fairy-tale world – a class action suit against the Big Bad Wolf, sued by the revengeful fairy tale plaintiffs: Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Boy Who Cried Wolf. With Sydney and Sarah Grimm (no relation!) covering the trial on live Court TV, the two greatest legal minds in the Enchanted Forest — the Evil Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother — clash in this crazy and mind-bending trial. Was Wolf born a criminal, or made one? As our musical-comedy performers can testify, you can gamble that there will be absolutely NO ORDER in this hilarious Court where Original Kids will be found “GUILTY” of causing laughter and delight for all!

The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

There are seven performances to enjoy!

  • Saturday July 25, 2 pm (limited tickets available!)
  • Sunday July 26, 7 pm
  • Monday July 27, 7 pm
  • Wednesday July 29, 7 pm
  • Friday July 31, 7 pm
  • Saturday August 1, 7 pm
  • Sunday August 2, 2 pm

90 minutes (plus intermission). Rated G.

The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

Performing at the Spriet Family Theatre, 130 King Street, London, Ontario. For tickets, visit the OKTC website ( or call the box office at 519-679-8989. Tickets are $16 for adults/seniors and $11 for students/kids.

The Big Bad Musical Opens Tomorrow!

Won’t you come join us at the theatre?

Photos by the incredibly talented Bryan Nelson

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Big Bad Musical Rehearsal Photos!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately… it’s been a bit crazy lately, as Shawn and I have just purchased our first house together! Rest assured I will be back posting this week! So in the meantime, here are a couple of photos from rehearsals for The Big Bad Musical at Original Kids Theatre Company! (Tickets are available here!)

Big Bad Musical Rehearsal Photos!

Learning choreography for the opening number, “Big Bad”!

Big Bad Musical Rehearsal Photos!

Getting intense…

Big Bad Musical Rehearsal Photos!

Practicing our howls!

Show Us Your Creative Side! An Instagram Photo Challenge with The Lovers, The Dreamers and You

Show Us Your Creative Side! An Instagram Photo Challenge with The Lovers, The Dreamers and You

I love Instagram. It’s so much fun to see the beautiful images come up on my feed, and to find new people to follow. I’ve had Instagram followers turn into friendships, which is so awesome. It’s pretty amazing how connections can be made over what essentially boils down to some pixels and WiFi!

On that note, I am thrilled to announce that I am partnering with The Lovers, The Dreamers and You to start a new creative challenge: The TLTDAY Top 10 Challenge on Instagram!

Since this is the first time we’ve created our own Instagram challenge, we’re starting with baby steps: a 10 day Instagram challenge right in the middle of March! The focus is creativity and the arts, and it’s going to be FUN!

Please put your Instagram name in the comments if you want to join in, so we can follow you and others can follow you, too!

Use the hashtag #top10challenge so everyone can find you! Show us your creativity… anything goes! Oh, and there’s a prize too!

Read on for more details and how to get in on the fun!

Show Us Your Creative Side! An Instagram Photo Challenge with The Lovers, The Dreamers and You


March 13: Very Superstitious
Inspired by a favourite song by Stevie Wonder, since we’re starting on Friday the 13th, show us something superstitious. Rituals, your rehearsal process, ghosts, a lucky talisman…

March 14: Inspiring Words
Stories, monologues, speeches… what gets your mojo flowing?

March 15: Lights, Camera, Acting!
We’re leaving this one intentionally vague. Show us what you can do!

March 16: Play It, Sam
Share your favourite play or film, maybe a quote… or misquote!

March 17: Your Lucky Charm
It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s share the luck o’ the Irish! Share something lucky! Could be an object, a person, a place… bonus points if it’s green!

March 18: Something To Fight For!
Put up your dukes! Show us something worth fighting for. A cause, a friend, a role, or even a real (or “reel”) life fight!

March 19: And The Award Goes To…
Share your favourite actor/actress/performer, living or not, award-winning or not! Why are they your favourite, and what award should they win?

March 20: Dress Rehearsal
Time to put on your best dress! Show us your costumes, dress up, cosplay… let’s see those fancy pants!

March 21: Sing! Sing A Song!
Today’s all about music. Show us your favourite singer, lyrics from your favourite song, images from your favourite musical… or get brave and make us a video of you singing or playing music!

March 22: Closing Night
Party time… it’s a celebration! In honour of Kerry’s birthday, let’s throw an Insta-party! Confetti, tunes and party hats are HIGHLY encouraged!

How do I get in on the fun?
You should definitely save the image above — or like it on Instagram (follow me at @kerryhishon and The Lovers, The Dreamers and You at @tltday)  — so you have a reminder of the prompts. Then use the prompts to inspire you! Take photos, upload them to Instagram, and be sure to tag them with #top10challenge! If you’re not on Instagram, then join in the fun on Twitter! (I’m @kerryhishon there too, and be sure to like @LoversDreamersU while you’re at it!)

How do I get the most out of this experience?
You will get so much out of the #top10challenge if you reach out to others participating: like and comment on their pictures, and add them as friends! Write something meaningful as your caption too. Share your creativity with images AND words!

What if I miss a day?
No worries! Just catch up whenever you can.

Can I post the challenge graphic on my Instagram?
Yes, of course! That way you’ll have it to refer back to. Don’t forget the hashtag!

Did you say something about a prize?
Yessir! We will be awarding a special surprise prize (ha ha!) to one of our favourite photos during the #top10challenge! The prize winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge, and eligibility is worldwide. The more photos you post, the better chance you have of winning!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Follow along with us at @kerryhishon and @tltday on Instagram!

PS: Check out my most recent Instagram challenge photos, from Veronica Varlow’s #dangerdiarychallenge:

Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Nice face, eh?

This week’s throwback is memories of [THEY FIGHT!], which was performed at the 2013 London Fringe Festival (winning the Impresario for our venue!), and was re-mounted for a one night only bonus performance on July 3 at the Palace Theatre (which included a showing of The Princess Bride afterwards!). In this particular scene I was playing Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and got slashed in the face by the vampire Drusilla (as well as culminating with an amazing Buffy/Faith showdown, complete with big-ass knife). Shrew’d Business also created a rig that actually made Dru actually “dust” when she was staked. Fun stuff!

Here’s a photo of the amazing ladies who I had the pleasure of fighting with; Whitney Bolam as Buffy and Christine Boer as Drusilla.

Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Photo Credits: Kerry Hishon (top), Whitney Bolam (bottom)