Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Nice face, eh?

This week’s throwback is memories of [THEY FIGHT!], which was performed at the 2013 London Fringe Festival (winning the Impresario for our venue!), and was re-mounted for a one night only bonus performance on July 3 at the Palace Theatre (which included a showing of The Princess Bride afterwards!). In this particular scene I was playing Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and got slashed in the face by the vampire Drusilla (as well as culminating with an amazing Buffy/Faith showdown, complete with big-ass knife). Shrew’d Business also created a rig that actually made Dru actually “dust” when she was staked. Fun stuff!

Here’s a photo of the amazing ladies who I had the pleasure of fighting with; Whitney Bolam as Buffy and Christine Boer as Drusilla.

Throwback Thursday: [THEY FIGHT!]

Photo Credits: Kerry Hishon (top), Whitney Bolam (bottom)

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