[THEY FIGHT!] wins Impresario!

[THEY FIGHT!] wins Impresario!

Are you kicking yourself for missing [THEY FIGHT!] at the London Fringe Festival?  Well, fear not!  Thanks to the support of our wonderful audience and friends, we have been selected as Impresario (Patron’s Pick) for our venue, the Spriet Family Theatre.  As such, we have received an extra show… TODAY!

Sunday, June 16 – 5:00 pm
Don’t miss it!!!

Impresario performances are fundraisers for the London Fringe Festival.  All proceeds are split 50-50 with the performing company.

Tickets are $10 (cash only), plus the purchase of a Fringe Backer Button.  Please note that everyone must purchase a Backer Button to see any London Fringe show.  Backer Buttons are $5 for adults, $1 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased at Fringe HQ or at any Fringe venue once performances have started on Thursday.  Your Backer Button is good for all Fringe shows, so don’t lose it and always keep it with you when you go to see a show.  No passes of any kind (including comps, multi-ticket passes, trouper, Friend of Fringe, media, etc.) can be used for Impresario shows.

And of course, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@TheyFightFringe).

If you want to see all the Impresario shows today, here they are!  All performances are on Sunday, June 16.

We are truly honoured to receive Impresario — thank you so much to our audiences who came out and saw the show and everyone who supported us!  Thank you to the London Fringe Festival, the staff and volunteers, the artists and audiences… and of course, to the incredible cast and crew of [THEY FIGHT!]!

I will definitely be blogging about my experiences and lessons learned throughout my time in the 2013 Fringe… and I’ve already got ideas for Fringe 2014!  Dun dun dun… 🙂

Photo Credit: Grace Barnhart

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