Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

I am a Medieval Times junkie. I’ve been every year since 2011 and I’m still not sick of it. I’m obsessed with swords, horses and all things royal — I’d totally work at Medieval Times if they hired female Knights! (Hint, hint!!!)

Medieval Times is fantastic entertainment for everyone — families young and old, big groups, and adults alike. It’s not just for little kids — everyone can truly enjoy the pageantry, the service, the food and the show. It’s always so much fun!

Since I consider myself to be somewhat of a Medieval Times expert, read on for my three top tips for enjoying your experience at Medieval Times!

1. Arrive early.

When you book your tickets, you’ll be told when you can arrive — generally an hour before the show starts. I definitely recommend arriving nice and early for a number of reasons. First, you’ll need to check in with your party to pick up your seating cards and crown. You’ll line up in a queue to have your photo taken with a member of the Medieval Times cast — I’ve had my photo taken with the King, the Princess, and the Royal Falconer.

Once you arrive in the Great Hall, you’ll have time to look at the animals (the stables and falcon’s areas are really cool — sometimes the Royal Falconer brings one of the birds out to see up close!), check out the Museum of Torture (there’s a small admission fee), get a beverage (tons of fancy goblets, steins and mugs are available to quaff from), and peruse the gift shop (everything from tiaras and cheering flags to figurines and big fancy swords!). You’ll also be able to see Knighting ceremonies that happen before the show — you can even be made a Knight or Lady of the Realm! (I was made a Lady of the Realm last year on my birthday!)

Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

2. Let yourself splurge a little.

You can purchase a ticket, show up, and just enjoy the show, but to be perfectly honest, I recommend spoiling yourself a bit and upgrading your ticket. Medieval Times offers three different ticket packages (Royalty, King’s Royalty, and Celebration) which include fun upgrades including VIP seating, photo packages, and special souvenirs. I usually get the Celebration package when I go to Medieval Times because you get a slice of birthday cake with your meal! It doesn’t matter if it’s not actually your birthday. Any day is a great day for birthday cake!

I also always pick up a little something from the gift shop as a memory of my trip. Each time I sit in a different Knight’s section, I get a miniature goblet shotglass in that Knight’s colour. I also get a cheering flag, and of course, the commemorative photo (which is dated). Maybe I’m a sucker, but it makes me happy, so I will indulge my medieval magpie!

Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

3. Go in with an attitude of fun!

The moment you walk in the castle gates, you are treated like royalty. The staff at the castle will refer to you as My Lord or My Lady — enjoy it! Be prepared, you don’t get to pick which Knight’s section you’re in. I’ve been in the Black & White Knight’s section at least three times — guess that Knight is my champion!

Be ready to don a paper crown in your Knight’s colour and cheer like a maniac for your trusty and handsome Knight. After each round of competition, Knights who successfully complete the round receive flowers from the Princess to give to ladies in the crowd! If you want a flower, be sure to show your appreciation!

And don’t be afraid to get a little down and dirty — it’s true, you have to eat with your hands!

If you’re at the last performance of the night, after the show you can go back into the Great Hall and meet the Knights! They pose for photos and sign autographs, so go enjoy!

Medieval Times is way more fun when you’re not afraid to be a little silly, so go in with an attitude of fun and no matter which Knight is victorious, you’re already a winner.


So hopefully by now I’ve convinced you that Medieval Times is fantastically fun, and you’re raring to go. Here’s a great deal for you to enjoy — buy one, get one FREE!

Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

Must mention or enter code BOGORB at time of purchase. Buy one full-priced admission and receive the second admission of equal or lesser value FREE! Not valid with other discounts, offers or group rates. Not valid for the Saturday shows at the Buena Park location. Restrictions may apply. Valid through 5/3/15. Make your reservations by calling 1-888-935-6878 or visiting

Purchase tickets:

Have you been to Medieval Times? Do you plan on going soon? I’d love to hear your stories!
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One thought on “Huzzah! 3 Tips For A Great Medieval Times Adventure (Plus, A Deal For You!)

  1. E. Miller

    My daughter and I are excited to be heading to the Toronto location in January. This will make our 5th castle to visit (California, Illinois, Florida and Georgia have been checked off our list) in our quest to visit them all, and our 7th overall dining experience at medieval times (we hit California and Illinois twice).
    We share your passion about the place,although we always make sure to sit in the Blue section, per my daughters insistence.. we have been loyal supporters of Valiente’ since we started 🙂
    All of your suggestions are on point.

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