Santa Shuffle Success!

Santa Shuffle Success!

A little over a month ago, I posted on the blog that I was going to be running the Toronto Santa Shuffle 5k!  Well, this past Saturday, Shawn and I successfully completed the race!

Shawn’s cousin Justin and his girlfriend Nicole were supposed to run with us, but unfortunately at the last minute they weren’t able to come.  Luckily our friends Kody and Annika were able to come with us and do the race!  So we made it into a weekend away and had a lot of fun.  More to come on that one!  And of course, my good friend Maggie was running the race — it was her idea that I sign up in the first place!

It was my fourth 5k this year (first was the Run for Ovarian Cancer, then Josiah’s Journey, then the Color Run), and Shawn’s first 5k… EVER!  I’m so proud of him for agreeing to do this with me, and for doing so well!

I finished the run with a time of 37:32 — the same time I finished with when I completed the Josiah’s Journey run!  Weird!  My goal originally was to do the entire 5k without stopping to walk… which didn’t happen.  I had to slow down and walk about three or four times.  I did make it to the halfway point without stopping to walk though, which I’m pretty happy about!  I hope the next race I do, I can accomplish my full-run goal!

Shawn finished with a time of 39:40.  Pretty great for never having done a 5k before!  And of course, it was great to get our finisher’s medals!

It was pretty awesome getting to do a 5k race with Shawn, and I hope that we continue to do more fitness activities together like this in the future!

Santa Shuffle Success!

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