Running Daze: Run for Ovarian Cancer!

Running Daze: Run for Ovarian Cancer!

The Run for Ovarian Cancer was yesterday, May 12, and it was a smashing success!  I ran with some of my sorority sisters from Beta Sigma Phi and it was FREEZING today!  It was only 4 degrees Celsius!  It alternated between raining, sunshine, overcast, and even snowing briefly, but we soldiered on.  Victoria and I ran the 5k, and Carrie and Angela walked the 5k.

There were a ton of people attending — men, women, children, and even a couple of dogs were running!  While we certainly weren’t the fastest runners out there (there were people passing us before we even made it to the halfway point!) but I did run a personal best of 40 minutes and 54 seconds.  The race was actually a little longer than 5k — approximately 5.35k.  I know there are people who can do 10k in less than that, but I’m proud of myself for finishing today.  Seeing as I was basically a non-runner when I started a month ago… that’s pretty darn good!

I’m also proud of myself for raising $255 for the cause, between online and in-person donations!  That’s pretty awesome!  I’m not sure how much the other girls raised, but I’m sure as a group we’ve raised a lot!  I do want to thank all the wonderful people who sponsored me: Cathy Hishon, Wayne Cole, Frank & Catherine Flood, Gerry Hishon, Gary & Candy Clark, Lillian Wyatt, Andrew Tribe, Peter Janes, and Steve & Meghan Cole.  I appreciate you all, so much.  Thank you!

I do want to keep going and continue with my running, because I’m really feeling great about myself and I think it’s great for my health.  So (as I mentioned before) I’ve signed up for a second 5k race — Josiah’s Journey for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, on Sunday, June 2.  This one has special meaning for me, as my very dear friends’ son was born two months premature, and they spent quite a lot of time at the NICU here in London during the first weeks of his life.  V is now a happy, healthy, energetic two-year-old, and he’s a great kiddo!

Kerry and Baby V

If you’d like to sponsor me personally, you need to sponsor me “in real life” using my sponsor form.  If you’d like to donate online to the cause in general, you’re able to donate online here!  I definitely encourage you to donate — it’s such a fantastic cause!

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