Running Daze: Run for Ovarian Cancer 2014

Running Daze: Run For Ovarian Cancer 2014
Photo Credit: Sherri Nunn

On Sunday May 11, some of my sorority sisters from Beta Sigma Phi and I participated in the 2014 Run for Ovarian Cancer!  I participated in the run last year, which was a rainy mess.  This year’s run was in PERFECT weather — 19 degrees Celsius!  You couldn’t have asked for a better day!

As a team, my sorority sisters and I raised over $600 for the cause.  I myself raised $115 — didn’t quite make my fundraising goal, but at least I raised something!  Huge thanks to Cathy Hishon, Bryan Nelson, Will Frassinelli, and Catherine and Frank Flood for donating to my fundraising goal!

I haven’t run a 5k since the Santa Shuffle in December, so I was really rusty.  I managed to finish in 40 minutes and 27 seconds, which was a few seconds faster than last year’s run, ha ha!  One important thing I learned — while Under Armour has some of the best athletic wear anywhere, don’t wear the cold weather running tights when it’s beautiful and sunny!  I was soooo hot!

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been “running” now for a year!  I put running in quotation marks because I haven’t been properly training like I could/should be, but honestly, I’m not particularly worried about it, as I just run for fun and to be healthy.  I have no desire to be a competitive runner.  I do have a few running goals though: first, I’d like to run a 5k race without walking; second, I’d like to eventually do a 10k race; and third, I want to participate in a runDisney event!  I know I’ll get there eventually, but I’m not going to stress about it!

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