Reviews are in for Mrs. Ballyshannon and Secret Lives of a Sex Doll!

Reviews are in for Mrs. Ballyshannon and Secret Lives of a Sex Doll!

Mrs. Ballyshannon’s School for Orphaned and Afflicted Girls Presents Jane Eyre opened on Tuesday to a packed house, and last night’s performance was well-attended too!  We also received a great review from Peter Janes of Theatre in London — check it out here!

From the review:

“Kerry Hishon, playing stage manager Vilette, nicely balances a type-A personality with the impotence forced upon her by her superior; one wonders if Vilette’s stutter may have become worse during her tenure at Mrs. Ballyshannon’s.”

Mrs. Ballyshannon’s School for Orphaned and Afflicted Girls Presents Jane Eyre has four more performances: tonight, Friday night and two performances on Saturday.  Don’t miss it!  Get your tickets at or by calling the box office at 519-432-1029.

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Secret Lives of a Sex Doll was also reviewed by Doug Bale, Marion Miller and Donald D’Haene on Donald’s Dish on May 4 — check that one out here!  It was a one night only event, so if you missed it, the review gives a great breakdown of all the antics that went on!

Here’s my favourite part of the article:

Donald: Lynda Martens’ What Would Janie Do? … was a craftily worded, tight script.

Marion: Total kudos to everyone here! Cleverness beyond cleverness.

Doug: Martens’ rise to the challenge was the most direct of the evening, putting the doll at centre stage throughout and giving it a full speaking part in What Would Janie Do? It has nearly as many lines as actors Kerry Hishon and Josh Cottrell, who alternate in speaking for it when not for themselves. Here’s a very different way of involving the inanimate third party. Martens’ live actors talk with each other using the doll as a surrogate, pretending it’s their marriage counsellor, whom neither likes. This actually becomes the engine that drives her plot forward. They join in mocking the patronizing counsellor, and soon reconcile.

Should you be so inclined, you can read some of my past reviews and other lovely words on my Press page!

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