Why Do You Do Theatre?

Why Do You Do Theatre?

The long hours and time away from my family, the drama, the stress… sometimes I wonder why on earth I do theatre.  I have gone weeks at a time where I hardly see my husband, the house becomes a disaster area, I’m exhausted and I run out of clean clothes and fresh groceries.  Yet despite all that, I still do theatre.  And so do the wonderful people below… read on for their reasons!

“The people… Playing new people, and telling stories.” — Ceris Thomas

“The money!  Oh wait, that’s prop money… sigh.” — Greg Mizon

“The escape.” — Julia Lacasse

“The fun! (And sometimes swords)” — Monica Maika

“The violence.” — John-Michael Murphy

“I think it helps instill empathy in people. After playing so many different characters with different backgrounds, I think it makes me more understanding. The world would be a much more courteous and friendly place if everyone did theatre…  TV & movies cannot (as accurately) share & present true human emotion, action, reaction and thought. TV and movies are edited and “touched up” before being published. Theatre is in the moment and true to events which occur.” — Heather May

“Theatre is my therapy. Thoughts, emotions, behaviours, etc. I wouldn’t be comfortable exhibiting or be able to express elsewhere find homes in the rehearsal hall & on stage. I can work through things in rehearsal and performance easier than I can in “real life,” if you will…  Theatre, and its creation (at least in part,) by my hands is something I can easily take an enormous amount of pride in without feeling guilty in any way. Even if it’s crap, it’s something you helped bring to life. And that ain’t nothin’.” — Kaitlyn Rietdijk

“Simple – it makes me happy.” — Mel Becke

“The challenge and for the longest time it was my only creative outlet.” — Lisa DesGroseilliers

“Oscar Wilde sums up my thoughts rather neatly with this quote: ‘I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.'” — Kristin Thomas

“The fun and challenge, camaraderie, where else would I meet folks as crazy as me – aside from my family.” — Ellen Mallett

“The relationships with the cast and crew, the ability to safely (it’s only for three months, after all) dig into myself to find parts of me I haven’t accessed before, the sense of accomplishment, the fun of being on stage!!” — Steve Ogden

“Theatre is a beautiful outlet.  The people are what make community theatre so fantastic. Spending so much of your time with the same group of people during the rehearsal process and run of a show can really make us feel like family, and that’s the best part.” — Steph Molloy

“There is nothing else I’d rather do with my life than act, sing dance, quote musical theatre, perform duets as a solo, fangirl over broadway (which over 1/2 of my friends don’t understand), and work with the most amazing people on the planet!!!” — Lisa Craig

“I like the challenge to portray each character.” — Peter Nye

“The great people I get to hang out with who know how to play and have fun (including my family).” — Tania Harvey

“My alter ego says, ‘Why not’.” — Patt Brocksom

“Because I’m addicted. It’s a drug. But a good one!” — Meredith Blakeney

“I’m nuts.  Nice to be among a bunch of nuts.” — Art Fidler

“I must.”  — Dale Hirlehey

Why do YOU do theatre?  Share in the comments!

Photo Credit: Andrea Hutchison

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One thought on “Why Do You Do Theatre?

  1. Codilyn Almeida

    Theatre has always been apart of my life, ever since I was young. My grandfather was a high school musical director, so I just guess it’s in my blood. At first I tried to be a performer on stage, but after I horribly failed an audition, I joined the crew and never looked back. Technical theatre has always been harder to explain ‘why’ in my opinion; you can’t say the cliche ‘It allows me to be someone else’ or ‘The adrenaline of performing for a live audience’. One of the best feelings as a techie is watching the actors bring life to the world you have created, or when the actors get really excited and ask questions ‘How did you do that?’, because techies are the Disney magic of live theatre.

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