November Blogging Bonanza 2013 Recap: By the Numbers!

November Blogging Bonanza 2013 Recap: By the Numbers

I can’t believe it’s already December!  November absolutely flew by for me, thanks in part to November Blogging Bonanza!  I was very happy with this last month’s work — I found it challenging but extremely rewarding.  So here’s a recap, by the numbers!

28 — The total number of November Blogging Bonanza posts this year.

I didn’t write a post on Saturday November 16 and Sunday November 17.  I originally wrote “missed” but no, that’s not true.  I just didn’t post those days, because I was lazy/ill prepared.  So lesson learned: if you’re going to post every day, commit to posting every day!  Plan ahead for days where you don’t feel like you have any ideas, or just plain don’t feel like writing!  Have a list of blog post ideas and keep adding to it!

2018 — Total page views in November 2013.

Last November, my total page views were 942.  That’s an improvement of 120%!  (Thanks to Jeff Crane for helping with my math!)  That may be small potatoes compared to more prominent bloggers, but I’m growing and learning every day!

400 — My biggest day of hits, on Monday November 11.

I had a huge number of shares on my post How to Deal: You Want Me To Do WHAT Onstage?, on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you, to all the people who shared that article!  It’s also my new best ever day of posts, previously held July 4, 2012, when I published an open letter to those in tech week.

32 — The number of different countries that page views came from.

My top views came from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.  But I also got visits from Bahrain, Sweden, Serbia, and South Africa!

5 — Most popular posts this month:

How to Deal: You Want Me To Do WHAT Onstage? (which is also currently my most popular article of all time!)
MTP’s Oklahoma is Delightful!
How to Make Young Actors Feel Important
Boredom Busters: A Theatre Person’s Guide to Snow Days
Why Youth Theatre Is Important

15 — Different features on my new Press page

12 — To-do’s on my free, printable Post-Show Recovery Checklist

1 — Awesome photo editing app that I only discovered yesterday (jeez, I’m behind the times): PicLab

3 — Goals going forward

  • Continue to publish informative, creative, engaging content — at least 3x per week.
  • Get my plays up on the blog for people to purchase.
  • Saving money to attend The Blogcademy!

I’m on such a great roll from this month’s blogging escapades.  I’ve got a notebook full of ideas of blog posts to share with you!  I do think at this point I’m going to limit my posting to weekdays, as I find my posts tend to be shared and read more frequently then (gotta be selfish sometimes!).  But I know I’m super excited and so looking forward to sharing more with you all very soon!

I want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who has visited my blog, shared my posts, and supported me during this month, and beyond!  I am so appreciative of you and am so glad you’ve joined my on this blogging adventure!

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