Boredom Busters: A Theatre Person’s Guide to Snow Days

Boredom Busters: A Theatre Person's Guide to Snow Days
Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe try to stay warm in OKTC’s Willy Wonka Jr.
Photo Credit: Malcolm Miller

Yesterday in London, Ontario, we got a pretty big dumping of snow overnight — enough snow to have to cancel our 10 am performance of Dr. Dolittle Jr., and to cancel all the rehearsals for the day.  Bummer!!!

So what’s a theatre person to do?  Read on for a veritable smorgasbord of boredom busting ideas… theatre-style!

  • Listen to Broadway showtunes on Live365
  • Watch a DVD of your favourite Broadway-show-turned-film (Les Miserables, Rock of Ages, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, and so on and so on)…
  • …and then watch ALL the special features (“An alternate ending to Rent?  Yes please!”)
  • Organize your Playbill collection
  • Create your dream cast of your favourite Broadway show with all your friends (“Me as Eponine… Susan as Cosette… John as Marius…”)
  • Practice your lines/music/choreo for your next rehearsal
  • Organize your rehearsal bag
  • Order tickets online to a show you’ve been wanting to see
  • Browse and for all the latest buzz and gossip
  • Update your resume
  • Play Be A Broadway Star
  • Put on your favourite show albums and sing along
  • Stretch out (try to see if you can improve your split!)
  • Play Karaoke Revolution Glee on the Wii (duet on “Defying Gravity”!)
  • Paint yourself green, a la Elphaba from Wicked, or try to re-create the makeup from Cats
  • Watch the entirety of Legally Blonde: The Musical on Youtube and perfect your “Bend and Snap”
  • Make a list of all your dream shows and dream roles
  • Start writing that play you’ve been talking about
  • Take all of your random costume pieces and put them together in a bin to make a “Tickle Trunk”
  • Make a mask
  • Make a puppet
  • Dig out your sewing machine and make yourself some new costume pieces
  • Convince your family to take photos of you (“Mom, I really need new headshots!”)
  • Research performing arts schools and universities and see if you meet the entrance requirements (If you currently don’t meet the requirements, figure out how to do so!)
  • Check out GuilbeauxFan’s Youtube channel and immerse yourself in Tony Awards performances
  • Read scripts
  • Watch reruns of Bunheads and sigh over the perfection that is Sutton Foster
  • Watch reruns of Smash and sigh over everything (Megan Hilty, Christian Borle, Katherine McPhee, Debra Messing… the list goes on!)
  • Sing your favourite showtunes at the top of your voice
  • Brave the elements and go to your best friend’s house and re-enact all of Shrek: The Musical
  • Sing “Snow” from White Christmas
  • Watch the Glee episode “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” and lament over how unrealistic Rachel being cast as the lead in Funny Girl on Broadway is
  • Plan your thank-you speech for when you win your first Tony Award
  • Run outside, dance like a maniac and sing the lyrics of “Singin’ in the Rain” but change “rain” to “snow”
  • Read about how Broadway performers handle holiday schedules
  • Find your favourite actors and theatres on Twitter and follow them (especially Theatre Kid Problems)
  • Read What Theatre Should Call Me and agree with EVERYTHING
  • Give yourself a facial to repair all the yuckiness from wearing too much stage makeup
  • Bake Broadway Brownie Bars
  • While you’re at it, figure out how to make a Toledo Surprise
  • Start your own theatre blog
  • Organize your show photos into a scrapbook
  • Re-write the lyrics to “My Favourite Things” with all of your favourite things (“Instagram photos and trips to McDonalds, shopping at Target and eating pink Mentos…”)
  • Create an audition tape for American Idol or The Voice
  • Email or call all your old castmates and see how everyone’s doing
  • Practice speaking in different accents
  • Complete a theatre crossword puzzle
  • Create some theatre-themed nail polish art
  • Perform an interpretive snow dance
  • Take a nap and enjoy your unexpected day off!

Got any suggestions on how to spend a snow day, theatre-style?  Share your ideas in the comments!

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