Get Your Hustle On! 20 Ways to Publicize Your Show

Get Your Hustle On! 20 Ways to Publicize Your Show
Yellow hazmat suits? Why not?
Flashback to the 2013 London Fringe Festival!

So you’ve been rehearsing your show, you’ve got costumes and props ready, and you’re nearly ready to open… but something’s missing…

Oh right!  THE AUDIENCE!  Kind of necessary, n’est-ce pas?

You’ve got to get out there, publicize your show, and get those butts in the seats!  So if you’ve got a show coming up and you’re looking to sell all those tickets, try these 20 tips listed here!

  1. First and foremost — word of mouth — tell everyone you know!
  2. Get your cast and crew together to do a poster/flyer blitz and paper the city!  (Just make sure to get permission first if you’re putting posters in certain places, like businesses.)
  3. Do a social media blitz (show website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and be sure to create your #ShowHashtag!
  4. On your show website (you do have one, don’t you?) be sure to create an email subscriber list and send out regular updates via e-blasts. (Join mine by clicking here!)
  5. And be sure to email your own friends (who may not be part of your regular newsletter list) with show details and links to purchase tickets.  Just don’t spam people!
  6. Order clothing with your show’s logo (t-shirts, hoodies, caps) and get your entire cast to wear them everywhere!
  7. Organize a contest or giveaway, such as free tickets to opening night or show merch for answering trivia
  8. Give away freebies (something useful and/or fun: bookmarks, buttons, bracelets, matchbooks, origami…)
  9. Organize a flash mob (especially useful for musicals!)
  10. Hold a fundraiser — donate a portion of ticket sales to a favourite charity
  11. Don’t forget about traditional media (newspaper, radio, television) — approach anyone and everyone you can think of!
  12. Purchase ad space in local newspapers/online media, and purchase/trade ad space with other productions in their playbills
  13. If you’re in a Fringe festival or similar festival, be sure to get out and be seen — participate in performer showcases, Fringe parades, welcome events, everything!
  14. Create a YouTube channel and show rehearsal clips and performances, and interview cast and crew members!
  15. Go on a podcast like The Lovers, The Dreamers and You and share show experiences… or, even better, create your own podcast!
  16. …Or if you’re more writing-oriented, create your own show blog!
  17. Get involved in a local community event devoted to arts and culture… set up a table and give out flyers and smiles!
  18. If your show happens to rehearse near a major holiday, get involved in your local holiday parade — either walking the parade in costume or even creating a float!
  19. Call groups in your area and arrange for groups to come — try local schools, senior residences, Girl Guide/Boy Scout groups, youth groups…
  20. Check out these helpful links: Fringe Marketing for Dummies by Rebecca Coleman and Promotion 101 for Fringe Artists by Janis La Couvée

Have you got any great ideas for publicizing your show?
Share your ideas in the comments below!

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