Thankful Thursday: Just a Little One!

This week has been all about:

  • I created a new Press page; please check it out by either by clicking here or up there on the header.  I’m thankful for the lovely comments people have said about me, and the time they’ve taken to feature me on their blogs and websites!
  • I have a new nephew; I can’t wait to meet him! 🙂
  • Shopping in Michigan with my girlfriends and scoring some awesome deals!
  • This stuff.  (The ins, not the outs!  But having the opportunity to turn the outs around is always a good thing!)
  • Taking photos of some awesome kids for the OKTC Instagram.
  • Shawn making dinner for me, and me making dinner for him.  Yes!  I cooked!  It’s a miracle!
  • I captured an adorable photo of my husband and my cat napping together, but Shawn wouldn’t let me share it.  LOL!
  • Trying Mary Kay cosmetics at a party with my friend Carrie.
  • Being treated to Starbucks!  (Thanks Jeff!)
  • Helping paint the set for OKTC’s Dr. Dolittle Jr.
  • I received a lovely gift from one of my Little Mermaid cast members!
  • And this photo from Mashable:

Thankful Thursday: Just a Little One!

Happy Thursday everybody!

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