Friday Flashback: Robin Hood’s Merry Outdoor Adventures

Friday Flashback: Robin Hood's Merry Outdoor Adventures

This is a great memory from July 2012.  I was asked to assist with some fight choreography for OKTC’s production of Robin Hood’s Merry Outdoor Adventures, which was written by the cast themselves, and performed outdoors on the grounds of Huron College at Western University.  I only had one opportunity to see the show, as I was performing in The Winter’s Tale at Western University at the same time, and I left for New York City for the Art of Combat stage combat intensive the very next day!  As a thank-you gift, the cast presented me with a foam sword that they had all signed, as well as an envelope of “warm fuzzies,” notes that each cast member had written for me!  🙂

The costumes for Robin Hood were fantastic, and the volunteer parents even got into the spirit and dressed up as well!

Friday Flashback: Robin Hood's Merry Outdoor Adventures

What I Wore:

  • Dress and Belt: Forever 21
  • Purse: Garage
  • Sunglasses: H&M
  • Necklace: found at OKTC!

Photo Credit: Marque Smith

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