The Artist’s Way: Week 6

My Moleskine journals and my pirate blanket. Both were necessary this week.  Yarrr.
My Moleskine journals and my pirate blanket.
Both were necessary this week. Yarrr.

The theme of Week 6 is “Recovering a Sense of Abundance.”  The little sidebar in this chapter stated, “This week may feel volatile,” and it did.  There was a lot of focus on money this week, which is often a touchy subject for me.  I contemplated not posting this… but I am, because it’s a part of my creative recovery.  Nobody said every week was going to be rainbows and roses, and while I don’t like to post negativity on this blog, this project is a learning experience, which I want to share.  So here we go.

Morning pages: 7/7
I’ve been using the pages this week to think of ideas for future blog posts and writing projects mostly.  I’ve also been thinking of some ideas for other projects, and travel wishes.  I just wish I had the money to make all my wishes come true!

Artist date: completed
This week’s artist date was totally different than usual: on Friday, I went to the London Knights game with friends and got to sit in box seats!  My colleague Jeff had won the use of the box through some sort of contest at Budweiser Gardens, and had 10 tickets to give out.  Since Shawn was in Toronto this weekend seeing some Blue Jays games, I accepted the offer to see the game.  The Knights were playing the Kitchener Rangers, which was the OHL team I used to cheer for when I was growing up (Stratford’s highest hockey team level is Junior B, so we didn’t have an OHL team).  It was quite cool and luxurious to sit in the box, and it was nice to hang out with friends and enjoy the game and chat about anything and everything!

Synchronicity: This week I have been really aware of receiving opportunities and abundance, and learning that abundance does not always come in the form of a cash windfall.  Sometimes it comes in the form of gifts or advice or ideas or brainstorms, so you have to be aware and receptive and grateful when it does come!

One of the biggest forms of synchronicity came to me in the form of a wedding venue for Shawn and myself, as well as an officiant and photographer.  We finally were able to set a wedding date and now have some concrete plans forming!

As well, abundance has come to me in the forms of:

  • Entertainment (free tickets to the Knights game and tickets tomorrow to see Romeo & Juliet at CCH)
  • Companionship and community (first production meeting for [THEY FIGHT!] was very successful and well-received)
  • Exercise (going running with my sorority sisters)
  • Information (free e-books about business)
  • And even a free sample tube of Voltaren Emulgel that came in the mail today.  (That stuff is amazing.  I was seriously thrilled to receive it!)

I’m very thankful for everything I’ve received this week.

Thoughts: I didn’t complete most of the recommended tasks this week.  I thought many of them were kind of trite and silly (such as collecting rocks and flowers, and writing post cards to people) and don’t really know what they have to do with abundance.  I cleared out a bunch of old figure skating dresses from my closet, and gave myself a cute manicure.  Both of those tasks were useful, I think.

What did I end up doing (for some reason) is writing an obscenely long letter of sorts, almost like a valedictory address, giving advice to the Original Kids.  I’m not sure why I wrote it.  I may or may not ever share it.  I really want to leave my mark there, and hopefully inspire the kids.  I hope that what I’ve been teaching them is helpful and/or useful.  I just want to feel like I’ve made a difference.

I’m not sure what that has to do with abundance, but it’s what happened.  Onwards and upwards!

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