What I’ve Learned: Edward II Edition

Spencer Jr (Nick Harrison) getting beaten up by a girl (albeit a tough girl... Lord Lancaster, played by yours truly!)Photo Credit: Brendan Wield Photography
Spencer Jr (Nick Harrison) getting beaten up by a girl
(albeit a tough girl… Lord Lancaster, played by yours truly!)
Photo Credit: Brendan Wield Photography

Welcome to another edition of What I’ve Learned… Edward II-style!

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… learn your lines early.  Seriously.  Starting learning them as soon as you get your script.  It’ll take the same amount of time now as it does a week before your show.  I’ve written about the subject here and here.
  • I’ve learned that line runs (also known as Italian runs) do nothing for me.  We did a line run about a week and a half before the show opened, and I think I called for my line for every single line.  Yet when we stood up and ran the show, I was perfectly fine.  Moral: know your learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and let your director/stage management team know that.  And if you’re doing a line run and things aren’t coming to you, try standing up and walking through your blocking while you say your lines.  I am a very physical person, and much of my performance comes from muscle memory.
  • Beauty rest is called beauty rest for a reason, and I need it.  I can’t stay up all hours of the night anymore and expect to be able to rally on as I used to.  Oh god, I’m getting old(er).
  • Be very grateful to the people who support you, especially those people who aren’t in the show.  (THANK YOU SHAWN.)
  • The holy trinity: lots of water, a really good moisturizer, and a multivitamin.  Double so when you’re in a show in the wintertime.
  • Carrying around a sword bag is a crazy good workout.  Even more so when you’re carrying around a duffle bag with all your hair and makeup supplies as well.
  • Search high and low to find a really good, gentle eye makeup remover.  Then buy stock in that company/product.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to have your portrait taken, especially when you’re wearing a bad-ass costume and get to pose with swords and a throne.
  • Laugh until you puke.  Literally.  (But be sure to clean it up.)

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