Memorization made easy (well, easier) – Update!

A while back I posted 5 tips to make memorizing your lines easier.  As you know, I’m currently in rehearsals for Empty Space Productions’ Edward II, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve been having a bit of trouble with a couple of tricky speeches.  For some reason, the lines just won’t stick in my head and they end up all garbled, which is extremely frustrating.

But now… thanks to the genius and talent of one of my castmates, I present to you a sixth idea for making those lines stick in your brain!

Memorization made easy (well, easier) - Update!
An incredible artist’s interpretation of the Earl of Lancaster’s “flying fish” speech!

My wonderful castmate Erica Leighton (who plays Spencer Senior) made this cartoon series for me, depicting the Earl of Lancaster’s “flying fish” speech.  It’s hilarious and witty and immediately flipped a switch in my brain — I know the speech now!  I am an extremely visual learner, and this helped so much.  (Not to mention, I would love that final coat of arms as a crest or patch!)

I am incredibly grateful to Erica for this, and hope that it brings inspiration to you, my readers.  So there’s another suggestion for you — if you’re really stumped over a longer speech or monologue, perhaps drawing it out will help you stick those words in your brain!

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