Throwback Thursday: AoC NYC Intensive 2012

Throwback Thursday: AoC NYC Intensive 2012

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from the Art of Combat New York City Intensive in July 2012.  This photo was taken during a rehearsal for Titus Andronicus, where I played Tamora, Queen of the Goths.  Titus is an incredibly bloody play — tons of onstage deaths.  So our fight director, Jared Kirby, decided to go full-tilt with the stage blood!  This was my first experience with stage blood.  In the play, Tamora’s two sons are murdered, chopped up, and cooked into meat pies, which are then served to Tamora and her husband Saturninus.  I’m sure you can imagine what happens next!

I posted this photo on my Facebook page, and got quite the variety of responses… ranging from “Awesome” to “OMG what happened?!”  I thought that since I was smiling, it would be evident that I wasn’t hurt… guess the blood was pretty realistic!

Fun fact: in spite of the fake blood and the multitude of bumps and bruises, this was the week that Shawn proposed to me! 🙂

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