5 Tips To Help Learn Names Quickly

5 Tips To Help Learn Names Quickly

As a director and teacher, one of my first priorities at the beginning of a new session or rehearsal process is to learn everyone's names as quickly as possible. It makes young actors feel important and that they are a vital part of the team. Here are some tips that I use all the time …

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2015: The Year in Review!

2015: The Year in Review!

2015 was an insane year. Looking back on it, I can't believe how much I squashed into it. It's been wonderful to look back on it though, and recall all the awesomeness that happened this year! So read on to find out my highlights of 2015 -- theatrically, professionally, and personally! If you're curious, check …

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Robin Hood, Teaching T.A.G., and a Drunken Orangutan... Oh My! (An Update)

Robin Hood, Teaching T.A.G., and a Drunken Orangutan… Oh My! (An Update)

There's been a bit of radio silence around these parts, because it's been insanely busy this month! I've got a whole bunch of projects going on all at once, so it's been a bit of a balancing act, and I haven't been posting much of anything here or on any social media! Life gets crazy …

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Theatre Fun & Games: Trapdoor

Theatre Fun & Games: Trapdoor

Trapdoor is a really easy and fun theatre game that's really useful for teaching stage directions to new or young actors. You may have played a similar version of this game called Crow's Nest in gym class! It's also a great warm-up game to get everyone moving and the energy flowing! Here are the basic …

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Character-Building Exercise: F.A.S.T. Analysis

Character-Building Exercise: F.A.S.T. Analysis

I wish I could take credit for this great character-building exercise, but I can't: I found it on Pinterest via The Teacher Next Door! (Isn't that where all the great ideas come from nowadays?) I used it during rehearsals for The Big Bad Musical, and it was so fantastic in helping my actors develop and …

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