New month, new challenge: The Artist’s Way

Photo Credit: Muse in the Valley
Photo Credit: Muse in the Valley

It’s a new month, and therefore, I need a new challenge.  I’ve been feeling kind of blocked lately, and I’ve decided that since I had so much success with my November Blogging Bonanza and my 30 Day Fitness DVD Challenge, I would challenge myself to a bigger commitment: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  This challenge is a 12 week long one.  Three whole months.  Yikes!

I have tried and tried to complete The Artist’s Way.  I was given this book back in university when I was going through a bout of depression, and I have started it many times, but never finished it.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve gotten past the third week before.

But now I am going to do this.  I am going to get through it.  I commit to doing the morning pages and artist’s date, as well as all the weekly tasks.  And to make it public, I will be doing a weekly recap each Friday on the blog.  I started my morning pages today when I woke up (in my nice new pink Moleskine journal) and they were actually quite enjoyable.  But the first day is always the easiest, isn’t it?

Here’s to 12 weeks of creativity!  And… go!

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