Linktastic – February 20, 2013

I am obsessed with this photo!  It's the Mean Girls of Edward II!Lord Pembroke (Claire Lawton), Lord Lancaster (me), Lord Warwick (Jessika McQueen)Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Rietdyk
I am obsessed with this photo! It’s the Mean Girls of Edward II!
Lord Pembroke (Claire Lawton), Lord Lancaster (me), Lord Warwick (Jessika McQueen)
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Rietdyk
  • Ceris has written three articles for The Lovers, The Dreamers and You about theatre personnel: what makes the best producers, stage managers, and set designers.  I’m looking forward to reading more of this series!  We also recorded Podcast #11 on Monday with the LDT Online team — look for that one to come soon!
  • My amazing fighter-friend Amelia Rogocka (aka “Monkey”) writes a blog.  You should check it out, especially this article about her experience at the Art of Combat NYC Intensive and her longsword fight (which I fought with her!).
  • I have yet to work with Casey Hudecki, but I definitely want to!  Here’s her take on What does a Fight Sound Like?
  • An awesome article about Heidi Pascoe, an L.A. stuntwoman who specializes in huge falls and dives!
  • Via Bitter Gertrude: A Common Problem I See In Plays By Women Playwrights.  It’s Not What You Think.  More plays FOR women, written BY women… and not about women reacting to actions of men.  And here’s a response to this article: Theatre is activism, Playwrights are activists.
  • I was going to blog about this, but the Globe and Mail beat me to it: Does the standing ovation mean anything anymore?  Personally, it’s seeming more like a requirement rather than an accolade, and I’m really seeing this at the Stratford Festival.  I only stand if the show is worth standing for — or if I want to watch the curtain call but can’t see it because everyone else is already standing.
  • As an educator (albeit not in a school, but I still work with kids on a daily basis), I think this article is totally spot-on: 3 Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids… And How To Correct Them.  One of the comments really resonated with me as well: “I try to teach the parents the best way to handle these situations with the best outcome but they all tell me I wouldn’t understand because I don’t have my own kids.”  Most of the families I teach understand that I don’t have kids myself yet but they have never undermined me this way — yet I have friends who teach in schools who have had this experience.  How horrible for them.  I worry that someday, some of these pampered, spoiled kids will be running the country, and what will that country look like?!
  • Via Nubby Twiglet: The One Thing I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started Blogging.  I’ve actually been blogging on this site since July 2010 (hard to be lieve!) and before that I was blogging at Diaryland and Xanga.  I was not one of the cool people with a Livejournal.  It’s so interesting to see how blogs have changed over the years.  My biggest piece of advice?  KEEP BLOGGING.
  • And if you are stuck: Get Out the Jumper Cables!  Ways to break writer’s block!
  • Via Loosen Your White Collar: 3 Things Never to Tell Your Boss.
I am obsessed with Grumpy Cat.  Have a great day!
I am obsessed with Grumpy Cat.
Have a great day!

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