My art is on the internet!

Number 15 and 16 on my 100 Things list were “Create a piece of visual art” and “Have a piece of art in a gallery,” and both of those goals have been ACHIEVED!  I submitted three pieces to The Art Exchange’s First Annual Square Foot Show & Sale in early July (I blogged about the exhibition here), and now look no further:

My art is on the internet… and in a gallery!

I was emailed the notification on July 18, but I was in New York so I couldn’t blog about it!  I’m so excited!  I’m going to run over to The Art Exchange today after work and see if they’ll take a picture of me next to my piece. 🙂

You can even purchase my art at the gallery!   There are 136 artists represented, with 323 pieces available for show and sale.  The show is on until July 28… eek, tomorrow!  Get over there ASAP!

Edit: July 27, 2012
Here I am with my art! 🙂 My pieces are the red, blue, and purple/yellow ones right above my left shoulder.

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