Two New Acquisitions

In this photo: OPI The Muppets mini nail polish pack… and my new cutlass!

Typical girl stuff, right?  It’s what’s on every girl’s wish list… nail polish and a combat-ready sword.  After going to the movies to see The Muppet Movie today with friends from Treasure Island (which turned out to be screened right from the DVD… I feel like that’s slightly illegal…), Shawn and I took a tour around Masonville Mall, where I snagged the last OPI The Muppets nail polish that was at Trade Secrets.  I already purchased had Fresh Frog of Bel-Air, Gone Gonzo! and Meep-Meep-Meep a few weeks ago (the full size ones) and stupidly at the time I didn’t pick up Animal-istic, because it looked funny in the bottle, but it turned out to look amazing on my friend Ceris.  So now whenever I pass any beauty supply store, I duck in, in the wild hope that somewhere will be one elusive bottle of Animal-istic.  If you see one, please let me know… or even better, pick it up for me.  🙂  Anyway, this four-pack of minis includes Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi, Designer… de Better, and Warm & Fozzie.  Anyway, enough about the nail polish.

Check out my new cutlass!  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  We used it in Treasure Island, mainly as Black Dog’s sword, but it was also used by Dr. Livesey later in the show.  It’s actually a replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s sword from Pirates of the Caribbean, and it’s nice and light.  Not quite as light and whippy at the sword that Brock ordered for Long John Silver (actually, he ordered two, one for him and one for the actor who played LJS to purchase) but it’s perfect for me.  I love the knuckle bow, it’s really simple but has lots of room for my hand (although it’s practical to have something with more coverage for protection, I don’t like feeling all confined) and the guard is nice and big.  Brock discovered that it is peened, so the grip can be adjusted and tightened (he thought initially that it wasn’t and that he’d eventually have to go back and saw off the pommel and thread it, but I’m glad he doesn’t have to), and also has its own scabbard to protect it.

I was presented with the scabbard just before opening night, during the traditional “passing of the keys” from the director and fight director to the stage manager and fight captain.  I don’t remember exactly what Brock said, other than “…so I’m passing on this scabbard to you,” and I thought, “Ok, that’s cool!” and then he added, “And after the show, you can take home the sword that goes with it.”

And that’s when I started bawling in front of the entire cast.  Tears of joy, clearly, but trust me, it was ugly crying.  Apparently I made a bunch of cast members cry, too.  Clearly, I am a very influential fight captain.

Brock took all the swords home after the show, to file them all down and polish them and generally give them some love, and today after the movie I finally got to take my sword home with me.  Now to find a place for it… and an opportunity to play with it again!

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