2017: The Year in Review

2017: The Year in Review

This year has been tough. There have definitely been wonderful moments, but it's been busy and overwhelming at times. You'll notice it's been radio silence around here, which I'm not happy about. I am very grateful for all the opportunities and the many reasons why it's been quiet on the blog, but I do admit that …

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Two New Acquisitions

In this photo: OPI The Muppets mini nail polish pack... and my new cutlass! Typical girl stuff, right?  It's what's on every girl's wish list... nail polish and a combat-ready sword.  After going to the movies to see The Muppet Movie today with friends from Treasure Island (which turned out to be screened right from the DVD... I feel like …

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Pirates at Rest

In this photo: Shawn Harvey, Monica Maika, Kristin Thomas, Kerry Hishon Photo courtesy of Heather May of Stage Crazy! During the run of Treasure Island, there were mats (some blue gym mats with a luxurious memory-foam mattress on top) behind the 3-foot platform and just below the cyc, so various actors could jump and/or roll off the …

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Treasure Island Pics!

Foreground: Phil Arnold (Adult Jim Hawkins) Background: Nic Bishop (Israel Hands), Kerry Hishon (Redruth), and Luke Bainbridge (Tom Morgan) Upstage, on the platform: Kerry Hishon (Boy with Barrow), Joel Dell (Billy Bones), Kezia Kirkham (Young Jim Hawkins) Downstage, on floor: Alexa Shipman (Bailiff's Daughter), Heather May (Widow Drews), Trudy Den Ouden (Reverend's Wife), John Dell (Reverend Mainwarring), Mark Speechley …

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Hot off the press! Another Treasure Island Trailer!

Video by Andrea Edison.