Treasure Island Pics!

Foreground: Phil Arnold (Adult Jim Hawkins)
Background: Nic Bishop (Israel Hands), Kerry Hishon (Redruth), and Luke Bainbridge (Tom Morgan)

Upstage, on the platform: Kerry Hishon (Boy with Barrow), Joel Dell (Billy Bones), Kezia Kirkham (Young Jim Hawkins)
Downstage, on floor: Alexa Shipman (Bailiff’s Daughter), Heather May (Widow Drews), Trudy Den Ouden (Reverend’s Wife), John Dell (Reverend Mainwarring), Mark Speechley (Dr. Livesey), Luke Bainbridge (Bailiff), Brittany Mumford (Bailiff’s Wife), Laura Forster (Bailiff’s Daughter)

Photos courtesy of Ross Davidson.

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