Pirates at Rest

In this photo: Shawn Harvey, Monica Maika, Kristin Thomas, Kerry Hishon
Photo courtesy of Heather May of Stage Crazy!

During the run of Treasure Island, there were mats (some blue gym mats with a luxurious memory-foam mattress on top) behind the 3-foot platform and just below the cyc, so various actors could jump and/or roll off the platform without getting hurt.  The cyc was about 2 feet up from the floor, which was convenient for rolling out after a fall.  Generally when an actor is not onstage, he or she is either in the wings, waiting for their next entrance, or backstage/in the green room/in the dressing room between longer scenes.  However, in this show, many of us would snuggle up and take rests on the memory-foam mattress!  It was pretty cool to technically be onstage but out of sight during the show, and to be able to look up and see the lights and catwalk.

It’s been less than a week since Treasure Island closed but I’m definitely missing my pirate family.  A bunch of us are getting together tomorrow morning to see The Muppet Movie (the 1979 one) at SilverCity.  I didn’t know this but apparently on Saturday mornings you can go see an older movie for only $2.50!  Sweet deal, especially since I’ve never seen the original Muppet movie before.  I’m looking forward to it!

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