DISHing With Treasure Island Pirates!

Check out this great interview with Donald D’Haene and a bunch of crazy pirates which appeared on the Beat Magazine website!

Here are some hilarious quotes from the interview:

I’ve been to the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas. Should I expect a similar trip when I see your production?
ean Brennan (Long John Silver): If you mean that you can have take your bachelor/bachelorette party to our show and have a good time, then I’d have to agree. That is, if your bachelor/bachelorette party is nautically-themed and needs to be kept PG. If CSI Las Vegas is any indication of how dangerous Vegas is, expect even higher levels of violence from us.
Shawn Harvey (George Merry): Yes, but without the slot machines, roulette tables or the high class call-girls.

Nic Bishop (Israel Hands): Israel doesn’t have much of a memory. Too many long journeys on the sea drowning in countless bottles of rum have severely affected his long and short-term memory.

Dean Gregory (Captain Flint/Justice Death): While on stage I go commando. Do not cross swords with this pirate! I am not nearly as clueless as the character I play named Justice Death.

True or false: Ken Ludwig is a comic playwright genius.
Joel Dell (Billy Bones/Joyce): To a pirate anyone who can write is a genius, especially when he gives the best lines to the parrot.
Shawn Harvey: Maybe. But he also might have ADD and a faulty hard-drive on his laptop. And his publishing company can’t afford a proof-reader.
Dean Gregory (Captain Flint/Justice Death): By genius do you mean “unable to complete a thought that makes sense or able to cause laughter?” If so then yes!
Brady Morrison (Ben Gunn): True!! His stage directions crack me up all the time!
Nic Bishop (Israel Hands): Who is Ken Ludwig?

Sean Brennan (Long John Silver): …it may have been that Ceris cast me as Long John as punishment for breaking so many props during Three Musketeers.

And some fantastic ones about our director Ceris too:

Kezia Kirkham (Jim Hawkins): Ceris is a wonderful mentor and is an amazing director, and I would love to work with her again in the future. The chemistry between this cast is amazing – there’s no chance of mutiny with this Treasure Island cast!
Juan Rios (Black Dog): Ceris is our captain and mom. She knows what she is doing and she knows how to communicate. She is an actress and a real comedian, for this reason she understands us, as she too has also stood in our shoes.
Joel Dell (Billy Bones/Joyce): When Ceris found a man armed to the teeth with long rifles, muskets, knives, swords and a cannon, she married him. So that probably is a hint about her obsessions.  And I honestly don’t know the difference between musketeers, pirates and blonds.

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