November Blogging Bonanza: 2014 Edition!

It's that time again... November Blogging Bonanza! This is the third year that I will be sharing a brand-new post every day for the entire month of November. I can't wait to share all sorts of new, fun posts with you! You can read all the old November Blogging Bonanza posts by checking out the …

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NYC Blogcademy Scholarship Application: Armed and Ready!

I'm sure you've heard that saying, "I'm a lover, not a fighter?"  Well, it wasn't written about me, because I'm a lover AND a fighter.Hi everyone.  My name is Kerry, and I'm a sword geek!  I love stage combat, all things theatrical (can't you tell, seeing how dramatic this blog post already is?!), and I …

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April just sped up!

Remember back on April 1, when I said April was off to a fast start?  Well, I must have been fooling myself (April Fools Day, y'know), because April hasn't just sped up... it's flying with the force of a locomotive! Last Wednesday I travelled with Shawn, Ceris and Brock to Windsor to see The Drowsy …

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Guest Blog on The Lovers, The Dreamers and You!

Hi everyone!  I've written a guest blog post for The Lovers, the Dreamers and You, called 10 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Creativity.  You should go check it out! What are some things you do to pull yourself out of a creative slump?  Share your ideas in the comments!

November Blogging Bonanza 2013 Recap: By the Numbers!

I can't believe it's already December!  November absolutely flew by for me, thanks in part to November Blogging Bonanza!  I was very happy with this last month's work -- I found it challenging but extremely rewarding.  So here's a recap, by the numbers! 28 -- The total number of November Blogging Bonanza posts this year. …

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