Excitement Coming Up: Auditions for The Wedding Singer!

Hello everyone! It has been a busy, exciting, confusing, [insert adjective here] year thus far. Suffice to say there is (and has been) a lot going on, but what's coming up most quickly for me is auditions for Musical Theatre Productions' The Wedding Singer! I am so excited to be directing this show for the …

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Linktastic – April 30, 2013

Sara Whittemore of Cosmic Outlaw writes about 17 ways to make magic on the internet.  Inspiring! I've been having way too much fun with this -- the Keep Calm-O-Matic! I adore this: 40 Inspiring Workspaces Of The Famously Creative.  My favourites are Rudyard Kipling's (love the masculine library style) and George Bernard Shaw's (reminds me of a …

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Linktastic – Auditioning Edition

I've got an audition coming up with Empty Space Productions and I'm super excited but a bit nervous too!  Auditioning is one of the toughest things an actor does... and yet they do it on a daily basis!  So here's some links with useful information about auditioning. I've posted these ones before, but Ken Davenport’s 10 Audition …

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Wanted: Pirates

SO EXCITED I MIGHT PEE MY PANTS. Visit http://www.palacetheatre.ca/treasureisland for more details!  You KNOW I'm already signed up for an audition.  =)