Tiny Theatre Tips #1: Grow Super-Thick Skin

This is a new feature that I’m bringing out for 2016! In an effort to blog more frequently and consistently in 2016, I’m presenting Tiny Theatre Tips, a series of brief posts sharing tips and advice for your theatre life! Enjoy!

Tiny Theatre Tips #1: Grow Super-Thick Skin

Tiny Theatre Tips #1: Grow Super-Thick Skin

Theatre is a tough avenue to pursue. Criticism abounds, and not all of it is positive or constructive. Face it — not everyone is going to like everything you do or work on. Your work isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

If you’re an actor, you’re going to deal with rejection on a constant basis when you go on auditions.

If you’re a director, your work will be reviewed and not everyone is going to like it or agree with your concept.

If you’re a playwright, your plays won’t be purchased by everyone.

If you’re a designer, someone is going to find fault with what you designed.

But what you need to do is grow super-thick skin AND KEEP GOING.

Don’t let rejection get to you. Don’t let criticism or bad reviews crush your spirit. Don’t let the naysayers tell you that you can’t do it, or that you’re wrong or silly for trying.

The world needs your art. Get yourself out there and share it.

Story time: In my first month of university, I auditioned for a show. (I don’t even remember what the show was at this moment.) I gave a terrible audition and didn’t get cast. I didn’t audition for another show for the rest of my university career.


What I should have done was dust myself off, learn some new monologues (because the one I presented was crap), and KEEP TRYING.

If you want to do theatre badly enough, grow thick skin and keep doing it! Criticism will come; it’s up to you to decide how you deal with it. Will you let it bring you down, or will you push forward?

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