5 Items You'll Need For A New York City Theatre Trip

5 Items You’ll Need For A New York City Theatre Trip

I'm heading to New York City in less than a week with the Original Kids Theatre Company, and I'm so excited! This will be my fifth trip to NYC, and my third with OKTC. I've already got tickets for Sleep No More and School of Rock, and I've got a list of other shows and adventures …

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Rehearsal Etiquette For Performers (Video Post!)

Rehearsal Etiquette For Performers (Video Post!)

This video is inspired by an older post of mine, Theatre Etiquette: Concerning Rehearsals. My theatre etiquette posts are some of my most popular on this site, so I hope you'll find this video useful! If you’re reading this post via email or RSS, click here to watch the video!) If you have any topics …

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5 Tips To Help Learn Names Quickly

5 Tips To Help Learn Names Quickly

As a director and teacher, one of my first priorities at the beginning of a new session or rehearsal process is to learn everyone's names as quickly as possible. It makes young actors feel important and that they are a vital part of the team. Here are some tips that I use all the time …

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How to Write a Program Bio

How to Write a Program Bio

Having been on both sides of the artistic desk (actor and crew), I can tell you that program bios seem to be the bane of every theatre person's existence. The poor crew member in charge of collecting bios (usually the producer or stage manager) begs, pleads, cajoles and threatens, and yet trying to collect those …

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Tiny Theatre Tips #3: Educate Yourself

Tiny Theatre Tips #3: Educate Yourself

Welcome to Tiny Theatre Tips, a series of brief posts sharing tips and advice for your theatre life! Enjoy! Tiny Theatre Tips #3: Educate Yourself The nature of art is that it's always changing. What's popular and interesting today will be old and moldy faster that you can say "Mamma Mia!" Stay current with what's new …

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