Presenting OKTC’s Spring 2016 Season!

Presenting OKTC's Spring 2016 Season!

“We can build a beautiful city!”

Exciting news! Original Kids Theatre Company‘s Spring 2016 season was released yesterday, and there are tons of amazing shows being presented next year! The second half of our 25th anniversary season is sure to be a special one, and of course I’m thrilled to announce my spring directing project:

Presenting OKTC's Spring 2016 Season!

Disney’s Tarzan!

Yes indeed, in May 2016 we will be swinging to the Spriet Family Theatre in true Disney fashion, with incredible music by Phil Collins. I’m so excited — but rehearsals don’t begin until February! I’ve got to wait a while!

In the meantime, mark down January 30 on your calendar, because that’s when tickets for OKTC’s Spring 2016 season go on sale! And don’t forget to get your tickets to our final show of the Fall 2015 season, Sweeney Todd: School Edition, at or by calling 519-679-8989!

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