8 Essential Clothing Pieces For Actresses

I’m pretty sure that getting to try on a new costume for the first time is one of an actor’s favourite parts of the rehearsal process. Your costume helps so much to tell the story of the show, and helps you really become the character. But before that, you will need some costume basics! The following items should be staples in every young actress’ wardrobe.

8 Essential Clothing Pieces For Actresses

  1. A plain black long-sleeved shirt (“rehearsal blacks”).
  2. Plain black dress pants or leggings (make sure they’re not see-through).
  3. A plain white long-sleeved dress shirt. Great for playing a businesswoman, waitress, or a mom in one of “those” commercials.
  4. A nude bra or bandeau. Nothing is worse than seeing neon undergarments under a beautiful costume.
  5. Black or neutral-coloured booty shorts, so you don’t flash the rest of your castmates during quick changes.
  6. A plain leather belt (black or brown, depending on the rest of your costume). Useful for holding swords, or holding up your pants.
  7. Plain black flats or jazz shoes. You’ll wear them in nearly every show you’re ever in.
  8. Character shoes. The most common colours are black and nude. Your director may be particular about the colour — ask first before purchasing.

Anything I’ve missed? What clothing items do you consider to be essential for actresses to own?
Share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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PS: Menfolk — I haven’t forgotten you! Check back tomorrow for essential clothing items for actors!

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