8 Essential Clothing Pieces For Actors

Yesterday I posted about essential clothing items for actresses. Not wanting to leave the male contingent out, here are 8 essential items that every actor should own. The following items should be staples in your wardrobe, guys!

8 Essential Clothing Pieces For Actors

  1. A plain black long-sleeved shirt (“rehearsal blacks,” can be button-down or pullover).
  2. Plain black dress pants (no visible logos).
  3. A plain white long-sleeved dress shirt. (Make sure it’s clean! If it gets weird stains around the collar, cuffs, or pits, it’s time to replace it!)
  4. A plain white t-shirt or undershirt.
  5. Black or neutral-coloured boxer shorts, so you don’t flash the rest of your castmates during quick changes.
  6. A plain leather belt (black or brown, depending on the rest of your costume). Useful for holding swords, or holding up your pants.
  7. Plain black dress shoes. Lace-up shoes are probably the most versatile; slip-ons or shoes with buckles can be appropriate for certain shows — ask your director before purchasing.
  8. Tall, plain black dress socks. Socks must match your shoes, and they need to be tall so we don’t see your ankles! Leave the short athletic socks at home, and for goodness sake, avoid white unless your character is a jock!

What clothing items do you consider to be essential for actors to own?
Share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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