Six Things To Do When You’re Between Shows

Six Things To Do When You're Between Shows

My most recent OKTC production, Through the Looking Glass, closed on August 3.  My next OKTC production, The Wedding Singer, doesn’t start rehearsals until September 8.  And while I’ve got an acting project in the works (more on that soon!), I’ve had some downtime between shows.  It’s been nice having some time off, to be honest!

But what happens if you don’t have another show booked?  Or what happens if you have a loooooooong break between projects?  Well, here are six suggestions of things you can do in the meantime.

  1. Find new audition pieces (monologues and songs).  Here’s some advice for choosing appropriate audition pieces.
    • For monologues, I think you should have at least four different pieces ready to go at all times:
      • Modern comedic
      • Modern dramatic
      • Classical comedic
      • Classical dramatic (Shakespeare, Marlowe, etc.)
    • For songs, please PLEASE avoid “Let It Go.”  Are you Idina Menzel?  No?  Then just move along.
  2. Take a class or workshop.  Now is not the time to rest on your laurels.  Everyone can benefit from classes and lessons.  For example, at Original Kids Theatre Company, we’re offering four different workshops taught by professional actor Kyle Blair.
  3. Go see some theatre.  Support your fellow artists!
  4. Clean out your rehearsal bag.  No doubt it’s full of all sorts of stuff from your last production (scripts, costume bits, leftover makeup, thank-you cards, fake moustaches…).
  5. Take care of yourself.  Get a facial, get your hair done, work out.  You want to look your best for the next audition!  And for goodness sake, take some time to REST.
  6. Reconnect with friends from past shows.  Organize a reunion.  Find out what everyone else is up to!  Who knows, you might find your next project waiting for you!  While you’re at it, you should probably spend some time with your non-theatre friends and family too, seeing as you probably don’t see them all that often while you’re actually in a show!

What are some things you do in between projects?  Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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