Directing Youth with Yours Truly on!

Directing Youth with Yours Truly on!

There’s been a bit of radio silence around these parts… I closed Macbeth with The Voices Collective (check out our review on Donald’s Dish here), then started work with the Port Stanley Festival Theatre youth theatre program, and OKTC’s Through the Looking Glass opens on Saturday!

It has been an insane couple of weeks, but seeing this pop up on my Facebook newsfeed was just the icing on the cake: my interview with the lovely team at has gone live on their blog!  Click here to check it out, or copy and paste this link:

I was honoured to chat with Lindsay about all things youth theatre, from choosing a good audition piece (and what not to choose), building an ensemble, and creating an effective rehearsal schedule.

The Theatrefolk website is a great resource for drama teachers, directors, and anyone else who loves theatre!  You should definitely go check them out!

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