Thankful Thursday: Oh, Snow!

Thankful Thursday: Let it Snow!
Fun times with my sorority sister, Carrie!

This week has been all about:

  • OKTC casting packages!  Always a ridiculously exciting time at the theatre!  All the kids get their spring season show assignments, and we can finally speak freely about what shows will be going up starting in March 2014!  (We keep it a big secret and it’s hard to not spill the beans!)  I love seeing the posts on FB that the kids write, and how excited they are to start working on a new show!
  • Finally getting to announce what shows I’m directing in the spring: Peter Pan Jr. from January to March 2014, and Through the Looking Glass from April to August 2014!
  • Finally spending some quality time with Shawn!
  • Finally getting to meet my new nephew, and having my niece fall asleep on my lap!
  • Starting Christmas shopping!
  • Knitting up a storm, and learning to knit slippers — something I’ve always wanted to do!
  • Watching DVD commentary of Girls Next Door… my not-so-guilty pleasure!
  • Hanging out with Duel Love castmates at Palasad and going out with Shawn’s friends to the Poacher’s Arms!
  • There was a HUGE snowstorm on Sunday, which I’m not loving… but I did spend the whole day cozied up indoors with Shawn!
  • Spending time with my sorority sisters and receiving a lovely compliment!
  • Dinners made by my husband!  He’s a great cook!  (I’m very lucky for that, as I’m… how do you say… “culinarily” challenged!)
  • Making progress on our wedding thank-you cards!
  • Being thankful for getting some great ideas for future blog posts!

What’s made you smile this week?  Share it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Oh, Snow!

  1. Art Fidler

    Lots of good things this week, but certainly one of the top picks has been reading your November blogs, Kerry. So positive and fun-filled.

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