Thankful Thursday: Wedding Madness Has Descended!

Thankful Thursday: Wedding Madness Has Descended!
Baseball with the Richardsons; Photos with my twinsie; Monorail Simba!

Full-tilt wedding madness has descended, and for awhile it felt like that was all I was doing, and I was getting super stressed out.  But eventually I had to take a step back and realize that lots of other stuff has been going on too… and it’s been good stuff.

This week it’s been all about:

  • Shawn being generally awesome.
  • Air conditioning!
  • Applying to be in a Hedley video!  I haven’t heard anything back yet and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it, but it was fun to apply nevertheless!
  • Pizza and Dutch Blitz with Joe and Andrew.
  • Wedding ring shopping with Shawn!  The lovely team at Poag’s in Strathroy, Ontario, are amazing.  So kind and helpful, and we found amazing rings.  So happy!
  • Lunch with Shawn, Justin and Nicole, even though the sun was blisteringly hot!
  • Playing baseball with the Richardsons, and actually playing this time!  I surprised myself (and everyone else!) when I hit a double my first time up to bat!  Turns out I’m not too bad of a baseball player!  Shawn even said he’d buy me my own glove for the next game.  🙂
  • Late-night dinner at Boston Pizza with Shawn, Kendryth, Andrew and Vaughan, who behaved like a champ and entertained everyone with his hilariosity on the drive home!
  • Inspiration from Veronica Varlow’s Danger Diary.  She is just awesome.
  • Listening to wedding music (especially “our song”) with Shawn.
  • Receiving a phone call from Nan and Papa exactly when I needed it.
  • Realizing that sometimes asking for opinions is valuable… and sometimes it isn’t.  So you need to really appreciate and thank those who give useful ideas, and ignore the rest, for your own sanity.

    “Find an artist the both of you like. It has to mean something to both of you – every artist worth their salt has written a kick ass love song.”
    Robin Taylor Wright 

  • Seeing our wedding decorations and centrepieces and how insane (in a good way!) they look!  (THANKS MOM YOU ARE PRETTY AMAZING)
  • …also eating lasagna and pineapple squares.  (THANKS MOM x2!!!)
  • Visits from old LYTE program participants at OKTC (Hi, Riley!) and realizing that it truly is a small world.
  • Showing up at OKTC wearing the same shirt as both Ellen and Andrew.
  • Discovering old mix CDs in my glove compartment and reminiscing about the good old days!
  • Dinner with Ceris, Matt, Joe and Andrew, visiting the fishies Jim and Frank (aka Francis) and marveling over how big they’ve gotten, and having creative brainstormings!
  • Getting my new Art of Combat t-shirt!
  • Celebrating Shawn’s father’s birthday… mmm, cake!
Thankful Thursday: Wedding Madness Has Descended!
Frank and Jim have grown so big since March!
Dinners with friends are the best dinners!

Have you thanked your mom yet this week?  Who else do you need to thank?  Share in the comments!

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