Linktastic — July 16, 2013

Linktastic: July 16, 2013
Rocking my Geek Life t-shirt with Trekkie Monster!
  • I loved Aji Slater’s show Geek Life at the London Fringe — I even got a Geek Life t-shirt, because it’s just that damn cool.  Check out Aji’s website, The Aji Show.  He has a blog and podcast too!
  • From Alexandra Franzen: 19 potent ways to turn your blog into pure currency.  I will be taking this advice to heart!
  • New favourite blog: Vangabonds.  Brianna and Ian are a young married couple travelling across North America in their van with their two dogs.  AMAZING!!!  Totally what I want to do someday!
  • I was absolutely thrilled when I found this website:  For anyone who loves camping, trailer-ing, RVing, or just eating amazing food, visit this site.  Hilarious and awesome.  Trust me… pie irons will change your life.
  • You Know You’re A Cruise Ship Worker When… oh my goodness, I identify with every single one of these.  Every.  Single.  One.  (In case you didn’t know, I worked aboard the Disney Wonder from 2007 to 2008… oh the memories!)
  • Did you know that for as little as £29.99, you can own a piece of Scotland and become a Lord, Laird or Lady?!  I totally want to do this!  I think Lady Kerry Hishon has a nice ring to it!
  • This video makes me ridiculously happy.  Maybe I’ve got wedding madness, but I love it.
Linktastic: July 16, 2013
I don’t know why… I just find this hilarious.
Pretty sure I should own this book!

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