Linktastic – April 9, 2013

Some of the beautiful people who will be fighting in [THEY FIGHT!]Photo Credit: Richard Gilmore
Some of the beautiful people who will be fighting in [THEY FIGHT!]
Photo Credit: Richard Gilmore
  • Have you ever wanted to get that sneak peek behind the scenes of the mysterious world of casting? Wondered what are casting’s biggest pet peeves?  The team at Stephanie Gorin Casting have put together a series of funny yet informative mock auditions. Watch many of the stars of today and tomorrow as they step into the room and do their best to land the roles over at The Casting Room!  (via: Talent House)
  • Do you want to be an actor?  Are you sure?
  • So you’ve decided you want to be an actor and you want to take the next step… Allison Jones writes about entry level living in New York City (pretty much every young actor’s dream!).
  • Also from Allison Jones: Can you live on a non profit salary?  This one hits close to home for many of us theatre people.  So many new and established theatre companies are not-for-profit, and basically any money made is shoveled back into the company to make the next show!
  • Kate Walsh writes about how she made it after age 35.  Love it.
  • Veronica Varlow shares six secret tips to get your creative mojo rising!  (She mentions The Artist’s Way in her post too!)
  • Speaking of your creative mojo… if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at painting, drawing or sculpting, check out ArtVenture art studio here in London, Ontario!
  • As a Disney College Program alumni, I thought this list was spot-on: The Top 20 People You’ll Meet in Your College Program.  I would have fallen under “The International” type, because of my ever-so-slight Canadian accent and my lack of knowledge of IHOP.  (PS: I can’t recommend the DCP enough.  It was life-changing!)
  • I love Emma Blackery’s YouTube channel, she’s absolutely hilarious.  She’s posted a great video about starting a YouTube channel, which is something I want to do!  Now I’ve just got to pull up the courage to do so!  (Note that some of the language is NSFW!)

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