Anything worth doing takes time… but this is worth it!

The London Fringe Theatre Festival is fast approaching!  2013 will be my fifth year “fringe-ing.”  For my first two years, 2009 and 2010, I volunteered as a “Trouper,” which was so much fun, and a great way to meet people!  During 2010, I also stage managed a show called Long Time Passing in the Fringe, which was a great experience.

2011 marked my on-stage Fringe debut, where I appeared in Simply Theatre’s The Rocky Horror Show (which won Best Show!), as well as a player in The NO ShowThe NO Show is unique to the London Fringe (as far as I know!); it is a nightly comedy variety show/promotional hour for Fringe performers, and it is crazy fun.  That year I also was working as a wireless microphone assistant for both Rocky and the OKTC Alumni production of Stephen Sondheim’s ASSASSINS, and I managed to see 10 other shows too (using up what’s called a “Fringe Binge” pass) so I basically lived at the Fringe that year!

Memories of The NO Show in 2011!  Appearing with Sookie Mei on the left.Photo Credit: Richard Gilmore
Memories of The NO Show in 2011!
Appearing with Sookie Mei on the left.
Photo Credit: Richard Gilmore

After all that craziness, I took it slower for Fringe 2012.  I appeared in The NO Show again, and actually went and saw other peoples’ shows!  At the end of Fringe 2012, I put the following tweet out to the world, and received the following response from Peter Janes of Theatre in London:

Anything worth doing takes time... but this is worth it!

Well… I’m achieving that goal!  As I mentioned back in November, I will be participating in the 2013 Fringe Festival as part of [THEY FIGHT!], which is a stage combat show being co-produced by my friend Ceris and myself.  I have assisted in the planning stages (deciding who will be in the show, what scenes will be performed, what weapons will be used…) and will also be assisting with the fight choreography and appearing in the show myself!

I am SO excited to be working on this project.  We are having a company meeting tonight with the rest of the cast to announce our venue and show times, and to give out casting!  I hope everyone will like the scenes they are cast in… I think they’re going to be really fun!

Keep checking back here because I will definitely be blogging about the process.  This is the first time I’ve ever produced a show, and I’m nervous but I’m working with people who are incredibly enthusiastic, intelligent, and experienced (always surround yourself with amazing people who are smarter than you!), and I know this show will be a huge success!

2 thoughts on “Anything worth doing takes time… but this is worth it!

  1. Cathy

    I have no doubt it will be a success with both you and Ceris giving it your all. Both of you are so enthusiastic and hardworking and have so much vision….I can’t wait to see it. Break a leg both of you.

  2. Superb details you have got here. Honestly, I’ve been searching for this type of information for some time. No person has covered it like you have.

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