30 things to do before… whoops, too late!

On my 30th birthday... at "the bean" in Chicago!
On my 30th birthday… at “the bean” in Chicago!

I found this awesome list at Rubies & Ribbon and, of course, it caught my eye, as I just turned 30 on Friday.  So I thought I’d compare my life experiences to the ones Sidra listed and see how I’ve measured up as a 30-year-old!

1. Live on another continent
I haven’t lived on another continent, but I have lived in Orlando, Florida, and Nassau, Bahamas, so I’ll count this.  I do love living in Canada though!

2. Know what you’d like in an ideal partner – meeting him/her and falling in love is a bonus
Yup — and he put a ring on it! 🙂

3. Take an art or design course
I took a course in theatrical design in university after not getting into theatre administration.  I was utterly terrified, as I can’t even draw a stick figure.  We studied all aspects of theatrical design — lighting, costumes, props, sound, set.  I worked my butt off in that class and managed to get an A!  It definitely gave me a newfound respect to designers — their jobs are NOT easy!

4. Develop a self-care routine (e.g., drink more water, wash makeup off at night, exercise regularly)
This is something I’ve struggled with over the years, but have improved greatly as I’ve gotten older.  My really bad habit is staying up too late at night, which usually turns into insomnia.  This girl needs her beauty rest!

5. Choose a signature haircut, lip shade and/or perfume
Perfume for sure — Vera Wang Princess is my choice!

6. Love and accept your body
This is a work in progress!

7. Hand write a letter to a friend
Hand-written notes are the best.  I always hand-write my thank-you notes, especially after big theatrical endeavours.

8. Shut down a club (dance all night until the lights turn on!)
Many times during university, and most recently at my friends Joe and Andrew’s wedding!

9. Think about potential names for future children or pets
I’ve got my list for potential children’s names — but while I have 3 boy names chosen, I’ve only got one girl name chosen, as I used the other one on my cat!

10. Stop slouching
I always tell my students, “Imagine there’s an invisible string holding your head up to the ceiling — OMG, you’re ten feet taller!”  Good posture is key, especially in photos!

11. Run a race and/or climb a mountain
Doing my first 5k run in May — the Run for Ovarian Cancer!

12. See your favourite musician live in concert
Yup — saw Jason Mraz in October, 2010!

13. Know your correct bra size
I’ve been measured before, but it’s always important to try them on, as bras always fit differently!

14. Confront your phobias (for me, it’s swimming in deep water)
Nope — I’m utterly terrified of clowns and worms.  This one will take time.

15. Clean all the high school-era clothes out of your closet
Oh, yes, I have done this.  I don’t even want to think about some of the stuff I wore in high school!

16. Move out of your parents’ home
Done and done!

17. Take risks at work or have at least one career change
Yes — quit my steady retail job to run a youth theatre camp.  The thing about a camp is that it has a definite ending point… at the end of the summer.  Strangely enough, two days after the camp ended, I got a Facebook message offering me a job directing a show at Original Kids Theatre Company!  The rest, as they say, is history…

18. Perform on stage in front of a live audience (theatre, music, dance)
Um… yes.  A few times.  😉

19. Watch the sun rise
I haven’t done this very often… the sunrise has this annoying habit of occurring so early in the day.  But I did see one last week, leaving for Chicago!

20. Learn to feel pride in your work
Working on this one!

21. Switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate
Yup — still love my milk chocolate though!

22. Get something published
Number 7 and 8 on my 100 Things list!

23. Become self-aware and learn from your experiences
Yes — every experience is an opportunity to learn.  It’s one of my most frequent blogging categories!

24. Own a flattering suit or blazer
Yup — don’t get an opportunity to wear it often, but I love me a good blazer.

25. Develop and nurture positive, two-way friendships and relationships
I definitely do have some, but this is something everyone can always work on!

26. Get a driver’s license
Yup — I’ve been legally driving since I was 17.  Learned how to shift gears much earlier though!

27. Open a savings account
Done and done.  So many things to save for.  I’ve also got an RRSP and a mutual funds portfolio.

28. Learn another language
Je parle un petite peu de Francais!

29. Swim in an ocean
Did this when I was living in Florida and the Bahamas!

30. Thank your family
I try to do this at every opportunity I can!  Just in case — THANK YOU!

So, I think I’ve done pretty well in my 30 years!  Of course, I’m still working away at my 100 Things list… and I’ve only got 73 things on the list yet!  I can’t wait to see what the future will hold for me!

Oh, and here’s another reason for me to be thankful: I received THE BEST birthday gift ever from my wonderful fiancé Shawn.  Behold…

The sword of the Dread Pirate Roberts, from The Princess Bride!
The sword of the Dread Pirate Roberts, from The Princess Bride!

I think every 30-year-old should own a sword, personally!

What are the things you think you should do before you turn 30?  Or, if you’re already 30, what life experiences would you share with others?  Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “30 things to do before… whoops, too late!

  1. I like your list a lot. I think the only thing I haven’t done (and don’t do) is know my own bra size. When I was 30 I had tonnes of fantasies that I never imagined possible but that have been realized over the past 30 years…. baseball play-by-play, conduct an orchestra, some professional theatre/film work, etc. I had to pursue the opportunities when the doors opened half a crack, though. They didn’t just happen. And that seems what’s been happening with you, too.

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