The Artist’s Way: Week 4

Cupcake, notebooks, and a sword... What else does a girl need?
Cupcake, notebooks, and a sword…
What else does a girl need?

Hard to believe an entire month has nearly gone by!  Week 4 already… phew!

The theme of Week 4 is “Recovering a Sense of Integrity.”

Morning pages: 7/7
I don’t really know what to say about the morning pages.  I love doing them, I haven’t missed a day yet, I find them useful, and I have almost filled an entire Moleskine Volant journal from cover to cover.  I had to go out and buy another one!

Artist date: completed
I pretty much had an artist’s weekend in Chicago!  The Shedd Aquarium, Julius Caesar by Babes With Blades (where I was greeted by the Artistic Director of the company, Leigh Barrett, with “You’re Kerry from Canada!”), Millenium Park and “The Bean,” deep dish pizza at Gino’s East (with all the amazing graffiti on the walls!) and Pizzeria Due, drinks on the 95th flood of the John Hancock Building, Navy Pier (including the Museum of Stained Glass and the Chicago Sports Museum at Harry Caray’s)… my artist is definitely inspired!  As well, yesterday I watched the recording of the Blogcademy Live Q&A (couldn’t actually watch it live, as I was at work when it broadcast!) and it was incredibly inspiring.  I took 8 pages of notes!  I’m SO excited to attend Blogcademy Toronto in May!

Synchronicity: I’ve been inspired to spring clean my LIFE this week.  All I want to do is tidy, clean, pitch, purge, and get rid of all the junk that’s been cluttering up my life!  According to the book, “One of the clearest signals that something healthy is afoot is the impulse to weed out, sort through, and discard old clothes, papers and belongings… By tossing out the old and unworkable, we make way for the new and suitable” (p. 83).  This coincided with an offer from my mom to take stuff over to her place for repurposing/reusing/adding to garage sale fodder.  I’m happy about that… it’s getting that stuff out of my apartment and out of my life!  I also took Francis the goldfish to live at Ceris’ with her fish Jim.  That was a sad one, but Francis is better off in a beautiful tank with a buddy to spend time with, rather that stuck in a tiny bowl alone in my spare room.

Francis is enjoying his new home and new BFF.
Francis is enjoying his new home and new BFF.

I also thought it was appropriate that one of the tasks this week was to plan an “extended artist’s date” (a full weekend day)… how fitting that my trip to Chicago coincided with this week’s task?  🙂

Thoughts: One of my biggest takeaways from the Blogcademy Live Q&A was “If something is important enough to you, you will make the time to do it.”  And it’s true.  Doing reading deprivation this week (rather unsuccessfully… while I didn’t read books or magazines, I still spent quite a lot of time reading blog posts!), I realized how much time I spend procrastinating.  Laying around, watching television… definitely not steps towards success!  I want to continue to grow this blog, create some amazing content, and get my plays up on here to sell!  Especially since I do have a day job, I need to use the time I have effectively, especially to attempt to create some sort of work/life balance.

Looking forward to Week 5!

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