My Bucket List

Edit // September 7, 2015: This page was previously called “The 100 Things List” where I tried to list 100 things I wanted to do during my life. Recently I’ve found that list to be overwhelming (couldn’t actually come up with 100 things I wanted to do, and there were too many things to work on and actually achieve) and actually irrelevant, as many of the things I used to want to do, I didn’t want to do anymore. So I’ve updated the list, moved some things around, deleted some things, and updated some things. I’m sure I’ll be doing this again at some point!

Want To Do

  • Purchase a motorhome or Airstream, travel North America (and eventually the world!), blogging and documenting the entire experience!
  • Be debt free
  • Eliminate unnecessary possessions
  • Practice yoga
  • Write three youth theatre plays (After Alice in 2009, Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black in 2010)
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • Go to Las Vegas
  • Go to Nepal
  • Visit all 5 Disney parks (will be 6 in 2016 apparently) Complete: Walt Disney World (Florida) many times including 2005, 2008, and 2013, Disneyland (California) in 2006
  • Cruise as a guest
  • Tour in a motorhome for an extended period of time (3+ weeks)
  • Stay in a houseboat overnight
  • Fly first class
  • Travel to Australia and train at the Sydney Stage Combat School
  • Travel on an airplane for at least one week with just one carry-on bag!
  • Learn to cook and bake
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Get my teeth fixed
  • Have a box of decorations for my home for each holiday/season (Complete: Halloween, Christmas)
  • Have a gorgeous guest room so I can have guests stay at any time
  • Go on a zipline tour
  • Have a full spa day (the works)
  • Have a t-shirt quilt made
  • Do the splits
  • Learn circus aerials
  • Read every book I own (I have a habit of buying without reading)
  • Complete a 5k race without having to walk.
  • Complete a 10k race.
  • Complete a runDisney event.
  • Complete all the cross-stitch projects I’ve started, and then don’t buy any more.
  • Create a miniature lending library in my home with books I’ve read
  • Stay in a deluxe Disney resort


If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment! =)

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