One chapter ends… another one begins!

10 sold-out shows... Amazing.
10 sold-out shows…

I woke up yesterday with the weirdest feeling: “I don’t have Little Mermaid rehearsal today.”

And then I wasn’t sure what to feel.

Sadness?  Relief?  Nostalgic?

This has been a crazy process.  I can’t think of a better way to describe it.  I had an incredible cast of talented, dedicated, generous young actors.  I had an army of amazing, creative volunteers.  I had a resourceful, intelligent crew.  And the result?  An ENTIRELY SOLD-OUT RUN.  10 shows.  Nearly 1000 people saw The Little Mermaid Jr. at OKTC between March 10 and 17!

It wasn’t a perfect run.  There were costume issues, tech issues, disagreements.  But that’s live theatre for you.

The cast seemed to really bond with each other, especially over show week.  It’s hard not to, when you’ve spent 3 1/2 months rehearsing and 11 days straight performing with each other.  By the end, there were some pretty weepy faces during strike.

I was absolutely spoiled rotten with gifts from this cast.  Cupcakes, handmade cards, wine, chocolate, flowers, princess-themed goodies… and then there was this:

Meet Francis.  No, he was not named after the new pope.
Meet Francis. No, he was not named after the new pope.

Francis was named after Professor Slughorn’s fish in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  The Mermaid cast gave me this little guy, as well as one for Ceris (our music director/choreographer), one for Ben (stage manager/assistant director) and Kristen (assistant stage manager).  This is pretty much the most creative crew gift I have ever received.  I’ve never owned a fish though, so I’ve been doing some research about goldfish ownership and care.  I need to get him a proper tank with a filter, but he’s still alive right now, so I must be doing something right.

I haven’t had much time to rest, however!  Even though Mermaid is over, I’ve got a ton of stuff happening, including:

  • Tonight I helped out with some stage combat work for OKTC’s production of Juvie, which performs April 6, 7, 9 and 13 at the Spriet Family Theatre.  Buy your tickets here!
  • Shawn is taking me to Chicago this weekend for my birthday!  I’m so excited.  I’ve never been before.  Unfortunately the Blackhawks aren’t playing, but I have already booked tickets to see Julius Caesar, performed by the Babes With Blades theatre company!  (#67 on my 100 Things list!)
  • It’s just been announced today that The Blogcademy is going on a world tour this year, and one of the stops is in Toronto!!!  I’ve been dying to attend ever since the first course premiered.  Of course, I signed up immediately!  In May, I’ll be able to cross #73 off of my 100 things list!
  • Prepping has already begun for [THEY FIGHT!], being presented at the London Fringe Festival in June!
  • Oh, and house hunting.  And planning our wedding.  I suppose we should set a date at some point…?

So much for rest and relaxation!  But really… when have I ever really rested?

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