5 Useful Things for Young Actors to Know

5 Useful Things for Young Actors to Know
Annie Warbucks at Original Kids Theatre Company,
December 2010
Photo Credit: Malcolm Miller

Got a burning question about theatre you need answered?  Here are some common questions I’ve received from kids and parents at OKTC — hope you find them useful!

1.  I want to get involved in theatre.  What should I do?  Join your school drama club.  Try out for your school production.  Take drama classes.  Audition for your community theatre.  Go to as many auditions as possible.  Take lessons.  Join a program like Original Kids Theatre Company.  Go through the Yellow Pages and look up local theatres.  Call them up and see if they need any volunteers.  (This is how I got started in theatre in London… I found the London Community Players in the phone book and called them!)  If there’s no community theatre in your area or you don’t like the one there is, start your own company.  Write your own show.  Seriously… just start!  There’s no time like the present, and nobody’s going to come knocking on your door and offer you a show.  Theatre artists have to be ballsy and make their own opportunities.  So just start!

2.  I took your advice, and booked an audition!  So how do I find a monologue/song now?  I’ve got lots of ideas on this post.

3.  How do I take care of my voice for singing?  These two sites have some great tips for taking care of your voice!  Of course, your best bet is to speak to a professional vocal coach or music director, or consult a doctor if you’re worried that you’ve strained your voice!  Prevention is the best way to avoid vocal stress.  Simplest tips: lots of water, lots of rest, healthy food, and avoid screaming or screeching!

4.  What does a Stage Manager actually do?  Check out this description.  The short answer is “everything” and “just follow their instructions and don’t ask questions!”  Ken Davenport’s interview with a Broadway stage manager, Pat Sosnow, is quite fascinating.  And stage manager extraordinaire, Lois Dawson, has created an incredible resource for stage management info on her website, Lois Backstage.

5.  How do I do (insert hairstyle here) to my hair?  The most basic styles you’ll need are a ballet bun or braids.  Here are two tutorials for a ballet bun, and one for a French braid.  There are also TONS of video tutorials on Youtube.  The most important thing is to practice, practice, practice!

Got more questions?  Ask away in the comments!

2 thoughts on “5 Useful Things for Young Actors to Know

  1. inkscrblr

    I am loving this tonight. Thanks! These are good tips for life actually. You want a job? Go get it. Create one if it isn’t there. I Like that attitude.

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